1. Why are my lashes falling off?
The assumption of damaging your lashes due to eyelash extensions is false. Each human being loses a couple of their own lashes daily regardless. Whether you rub them or shed in the morning, it regenerates itself and grows back like the rest of the hairs in your body. The important fact is that the special glue we utilize keep the lashes last longer, but it can thin it out due to the dryness. That is why we suggest taking a break once in a while to let it breathe.

2. Do refills make my lashes fall off more?
A whole new set lasts about a month. The reason for a refill is to cover the sparse areas. Depending on each person’s condition and preference, it will determine the 1, 2 and 3 weeks refill. When you come in for a refill, we thoroughly clean and separate the old lashes that have grown out. This way the unwanted lashes are discarded so new ones can be applied. Within a period of time impurities and protein build up so it’s imperative the lashes be replenished every 4 weeks.

3. How do I keep up the maintenance?
Avoid any water contact for the first 6 hours from your session. DO NOT rub your lashes or else it can cause damage. DO NOT apply mascara and use oil-free eye makeup remover for eyeliner and eye shadow. Gently rotate your fingers in circular motion when washing face. Tip: stay away from heat and humidity so it can last for a longer period of time. Good maintenance always does its justice.

4. How often should I get refills?
Average about 2 to 3 weeks. It all depends on each individual’s eyes and condition, but normally 2 weeks is suggested. If you don’t come back for the 2 week period the lashes will start to twist and turn. By then your own lashes will be affected as well. As a result your lashes will fall off sooner than expected.

5. What are the side effects?
There are two kinds of side effects. If you are allergic to the glue it can give you a reaction. The other is your eyes can swell or become red due to the dryness when you have glue contact. If your skin type is sensitive please inform the technician before your session, so they can apply it further away from the skin.

6. Why does it feel uncomfortable?
Just like everything else the first time always needs time to get adjusted to. And because your lashes grow out naturally, you will get used to it in 2 or 3 weeks.

7. What happens if I get an allergic reaction?
The first step is to inform the technician you received the procedure from. They will recommend the right medication for you. If the reaction still occurs please make sure your technician uses a professional remover to remove the lashes. Your skin will recover in no time.

8. Does it make a difference whether I go to a professional salon or not?
Yes, it makes a huge difference. There are many nail salons and spas out there that do eyelash extensions but the skill and technique is very limited. Another factor is the glue isn’t as new and fresh due to the turning and rotation time. Whereas in professional eyelash salons, it’s constantly busy so the glues are always in good condition.

9. What shall I do if I want to remove them?
You have to remove them professionally with a special remover because it is a cautious procedure, DO NOT attempt to remove them yourself or else it will get damaged.

10. Why does it give off a stinging sensation?
Although the same glue is utilized it may sting for others and may not. Depending on everyone’s epidermal cornea type it varies. Some have a thicker layer than others.

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